About Us

E+E was founded by Elisabetta Raggio and Esther Fassi, with the aim to offer quality living spaces. 

This is achieved by a meticulous and detailed study of the interiors. 

As interior designers, a fundamental aspect of our work lies within the harmony of the environment we create, whether they are private homes or commercial spaces. Altogether, the elements must contribute to the creation of an atmosphere in which individuals can feel at peace and understood.”

Each client’s personality and their needs are the main focus of every project. The psychological aspects go hand in hand with their needs and possible structural limits that each project might present.

After completing her studies at the Academy of Applied Arts in Milan, Esther began to collaborate with prestigious architectural firms in Milan and Nice, dealing with interior design, exhibition set-ups and the world of fashion.
Since 2014 she has mainly focused in the design and decoration of private events. This requires analysis of spaces, furnishing, accessorizing, and most importantly paying close attention to detail.
Furthermore, since 2015 she had paid particular attention to the design of spaces with the removal of architectural barriers and develops great sensitivity by dedicating time to volunteer at an RSA. Here, Esther designs and finishes incomplete spaces for those suffering from dementia. She also helped by creating a second Healing Garden in Milan in collaboration with the architect of the gardens Federica Raggio.

ee interiors Esther chi siamo interior retail design
ee interiors Elisabetta chi siamo interior retail design

After completing her studies at the Academy of Applied Arts in Milan and the Polytechnic of Milan, Elisabetta began to collaborate with prestigious architectural firms, dealing with interior and retail.
Since 2005 she collaborated with the Vudafieri Saverino Partners studio specializing in retail, design, project management, and designing boutiques all over the world for important Italian and international fashion and luxury brands.
Since 2012 she had dedicated her work to interior architecture projects were she is currently paying attention to design trends, the use of material and attention to detail.
Each project is born from sensitivity and ability to interpret the aesthetic and lifestyle needs of the customer. As a result, each client is able to live in unique personalized spaces (the client can live according to their needs and wishes), creating a perfect balance between the elements.